Tom Cruise’s Photo Bomb Fail and His 6 Other Most Awkward Spontaneous Moments

The art of the photo bomb is a carefully learned skill, and from the looks of this picture taken at Comic-Con over the weekend, it’s one that Tom Cruise has not yet mastered.

When the cast and creative team of his upcoming adventure film “Edge of Tomorrow” gathered for pics, Tom somehow missed the memo. So, he stood behind the cast instead, striking his best “Look at me!” pose.

At least his co-star, Emily Blunt, was amused by his antics. She can be seen looking back adoringly at Tom in the photo.

This isn’t the first time Tom’s attempt at being spontaneous came across as a tad awkward.

Remember the great Oprah couch-jumping incident of 2005, when Tom infamously shouted about his love for new then-girlfriend Katie Holmes atop that poor yellow couch?! Eight years later, it’s still a gift that keeps on giving.

Also in 2005, while promoting “War of the Worlds,” Tom gave one of his most awkward interviews of all time to Matt Lauer, in which he called his interviewer “glib” while they were discussing Brooke Shields’s battle with postpartum depression and his beliefs about psychiatry. Although we must admit, watching this one back again, what stood out most was seeing Matt with a full head of non-gray hair!

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In 2006, there was his awkward encounter with a British comedian who squirted him in the face with water on a red carpet.

And in 2007, there were his “air motorcycle” dance moves on BET. You can’t un-see some things!

In 2010, there was Tom’s awkward onstage reaction when Katie serenaded her husband to “Whatever Lola Wants” from “Damn Yankees” at a charity fundraiser. It’s almost painful to watch. Unfortunately, most of the clips of this classic moment have been yanked from YouTube, but we managed to dig one up in this British news report. Enjoy!

And then there are Tom’s awkward kisses — a category in and of itself. Our friends at ABC News put together an awesome gallery, which recaps some of his more, um, luscious lip locks!

So, we suppose that in the pantheon of Tom moments, the Comic-Con photo bomb attempt isn’t so bad.

“Edge of Tomorrow” (formerly titled, “All You Need is Kill”) is due out in summer 2014 and it actually looks pretty cool. In the film, Cruise’s character learns to repeat each day — “Groundhog Day” style — in his fight against invading aliens. Let’s hope it’s better than “Oblivion.”

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